segunda-feira, setembro 26, 2005

Illuminati: pandemia gripal

Caros leitores, na página: Illuminati, já falei do jogo INWO (Illuminati new world order),
criado por Steve Jackson, site oficial:
Essas cartas , o jogo foi lançado em 1995 , são uma autêntica previsão daquilo que tem acontecido.( Por exemplo atentado ao wtc, atentado ao pentagono, etc).
Reparem agora na carta abaixo, e pensem se não bate certo com aquilo que os meios de comunicação anunciam para este Inverno : gripe das aves, (vírus H5n1) provável pandemia gripal.
Agora digam-me: As conspirações não existem? Um jogo lançado em 1995 ( 10 anos atrás) já falava disto. Coincidências macabras como estas não podem ser mero acaso.

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Anónimo disse...

Un moderno satélite GPS
despega de la base de Cabo Cañaveral

El satélite Force Global Positioning System (GPS) a bordo del cohete Boeing Delta II despegó del complejo 17A en la estación de las Fuerzas Aéreas de Cabo Cañaveral, Estados Unidos. Este satélite ofrecerá datos de navegación para uso militar y civil en todo el mundo. El GPS IIR-14 (M) es el primero de los modernos satélites GPS que incorpora a su tecnología una mayor exactitud, así como una mayor resistencia a las interferencias.

Pedro_Cruz disse...

Se lerem a "descrição" da carta diz "This attack cannot actually destroy the target" (o jogo saiu em 95). Será que isto ja estava previsto mas não o puderam fazer na altura e uma maneira rapida de o divulgar foi atravez deste jogo? Um bocado estranho, mas quem sabe...

Anónimo disse...

o Salazar hoje a primeira coisa que fazia era

voltar ao padrão ouro

pois sem ele o dinheiro não existe.
Existe só o crédito. Que é uma vigarice inventada pelos bancos que são piores que a D. Branca, que só fazem panelinha entre eles e já nos sacaram o ouro todo do tesouro nacional. E nos andam só a enganar com prestações inventadas que só nos escravizam.

Recebi este email de uma amiga que me parece fazer uma critica certa da nossa situação actual.
Aqui vai para pensarmos juntos:

"I think Portugal is the most advanced in globalization. Here we can't live without IDcards.
Since the begining of the XX Century we have IDCard with our finger print...
How can we use our money to buy only in choosed places if we can't anymore donate things or work for free?
We live against one onother. To complet their work they put in Lisbon a muslim who ask the time and them attacks you with a knife in your belly. Already killed someone.
It reminds me of the crazy secretly engeneered to kill people in the rural US that starts shooting in schools after to be properly activated by the secret services......They, in banks can invent infinit money, or credit, just typing it in their computers!

Since the last year there is an invasion of chinese slaves with a franchizing from their governement. They buy all small shops and restaurants to sell there everything with dumping prices besides poisonous perfums or food.
Now only 10 % shops in Lisbon survived. But those owners are expecting to sell them to those chinese. They pay very well to get the shops. They pay no taxes. They do familiar economy. Portuguese are not allowed.
The taxes are for the pt people. They are very high, and drains all liquidity...... the euro created an inflation of 600% since it's begining, but they don't say so, nobody notices it (even if they complain: but with this euro the money desapears!) because the media are all controled, the banks pay only to build houses that will stay just for 30/40 years (the time of the mortage...) everybody are loosing their jobs but in a way they divide the workers so they don't fight anymore.
One minister already said only criminals will be using Cash: banknotes or coins...
They call "desbureaucratizaton" their effort to put everybody with the mark of the beast: the barcode or the chip.
The crise will be for ever.
Until only elite and the 5% of few needed slaves resist.
They don't lent money to buy land. (They ridicularize surviving agriculture.) Only to buy flats or so.
But Malls everywhere destroyed the comerce and jobs inside the towns.
In tv the mindwashing is at their best: News full of horror, after the "big brother" for commun people they have done it for celebrities.
Now there is another even worst. Where a woman named Julia Pinheiro banalizes all violence and torture.
It is a camp for celebrities but in a military way of life. Yesterday one said to the winner of the Celebrities Farm:
--"Welcome to Hell!"
They destroy the dignity of everyone, banalize violence and torture; but most people thing that is only other stupid tv fashion.

The message is:
---If those role models accepted to be tortured and loose their dignity who the hell do you think you are trying to keep yours?!

For the last 2 years they are detroying even the agriculture: no rain (haarp?) and lots of taxes.
Fires in all forests made by small planes droping parachutes with firing stuff.
All governements since 1974 only have done mistakes for us. But not for themselves...
We in Europe we are the most druged people by doctors; with downers.
Most of the population pie in their pants. Lots of aluminium in water. Fluor in toothpaste. Aspartame everywere. And so on.
Never heard nothing wrong about vaccines in tha media since ever.
We have no law to oblige the vaccination but no kids are allowed to go to school without it. I've been pursecuted by the doctor of my area until I vaccinated them. Even if I used homeopatic remedies to avoid the moutain of side effects.
And everything is official in vaccinations.
We can not ask a friend doctor to declare he has vaccined the child.
And this total control of our imunity systems they can destroy only the population they want.

The doctors and nurses have very bad conditions of work: no time to rest and think.

Doctors, nurses and teachers usualy are good people. So dangerous to this cruel elite.
They are "discretement" destroying them.

My doctor has a court of humble clients asking for their dose of drugs.
He treats them as bad little kids. Last time I was there, he was abusing this humble crowd; telling them nasty things about the time they were arrived. Later or early.
I told him:
---"Please, doctor! Don't torture us!"
And he stoped and went back to his room.
Un old lady stared of me with an air of excuse: we need him for our medicines...
Typicall drug addicts problems.
And this is a nice guy... the others are much more arrogant.

One day I will tell you what they have done with sexual abused children in the main children Hospital in Lisbon. They just avoid to see any bruises or hurts in children. Much more confortable. And if someone sees, so he will have problems later. The problem comes from the top.
But here the laws protects the abusers not the children.
Children doesn't make laws.

This year they are pursecuting the teachers.
Lots of them, even before where having psichiatric problems.
This year they decided to make them the scapegoat to the schools faillure.

People suicide everyday in the metro of Lisbon, or in trains the from Estoril, Sintra,etc. They are stoping all time to clean the rails.
But they don't write it in newspapers not to give bad ideas... They tryed to do it with fires in forests too.
Not in the media so it doesn't exists.
Now the pandemia of avian flu they are preparing to close everybody in the buldings if there is one only ill person inside. It will kill 1/3 of the pt population of course...

The publicity, in mass media for the last year, is convincing people to have, at home and cars, gadgets to parfum them with very toxic sintetics. They call "Ambience deodorants" to this poisonous things. And the poors do what they see in tv. The rich people uses 100% natural oil for it. And only the rich can afford the price of ecological food.
The poors eat the last fashion in tv...
Fashion is being used to destroy the slaves for the elite.
It's prooved The "deodorizantes de ambiente" causes carcer.
Besides they destroy very quickly the imunitary system. But this nobody says.
I had already 3 flu just after to visit people who use it. Now I ask taxis not with this stuff and tell people to put those miserable things inside a plastic bag while I'm visiting them.
Imagine during the pandemia with the people closed in those huge buildings with ills and this toxic air, food and water they provide.

Ils sont en train de gazer toute la population et avec un virus... Discret et efficient pour eliminer l'exces populationel.

Here the money is no longer ciculating: with so much taxes (not for the huge supermarkets and malls, of course!) and the housebills going up all time...
They just complain "the euro desapears so fast!"

silvio disse...

é verdade, falsa crise, falso dinheiro virtual, inflacção enorme (com a vinda do euro) tudo para nos lançar na pobreza daqui a uns anos.
qualquer dia somos como era o personagem dos filmes "charlot", a mendigar pelas ruas..

Anónimo disse...

Porque é que só os animais de aviário apanham a gripe das aves e as selvagens são portadoras mas saudáveis?
Seremos nós aves de aviário?