sábado, outubro 15, 2005

Profecia: Dá que pensar

Esta dá que pensar...
A seguinte profecia foi encontrada no final do século 19 na biblioteca do Mosteiro Neamt, na Roménia.
Supõe-se que a profecia tenha sido escrita por volta do século 14.
"Doenças desconhecidas e pestes acompanharão o fim do Milénio, porque a última besta liberará ouro e veneno... E o ouro terminará por produzir desespero, enquanto que o veneno produzirá a morte. No tempo do sétimo selo, a terra será uma fábrica abandonada de venenos. E os poucos homens sábios que permanecerão não poderão fazer outra coisa que invocar a ira de Deus, para que a besta ímpia que terá destruído a vida seja destruída".

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Pedro_Cruz disse...

da que pensar porque??? e apenas mais uma que não se concretizou.

Anónimo disse...

Eu acho que se está a concretizar. Onde é que você descobre estas coisas?

Anónimo disse...

Assunto: FW: Cuidado com o telemóvel



Por favor, não atenda um telemóvel quando estiver a carregar a bateria do mesmo.
Há alguns dias atrás, uma pessoa estava a carregar a bateria do seu telemóvel em casa,
quando o mesmo tocou e ele atendeu a chamada, com o aparelho ligado à corrente.

Após alguns segundos ocorreu uma descarga eléctrica através do telemóvel
e o jovem foi fortemente projectado para o chão.

Os seus pais apressaram-se a ajudá-lo e encontraram-no inconsciente,
com batimentos cardíacos enfraquecidos e queimaduras nos dedos.

Foi levado de urgência para o hospital mais próximo,
mas foi pronunciado morto à chegada.

O telemóvel é uma invenção moderna e muito prestável.
No entanto devemos ter cuidado, pois pode-se tornar num objecto mortífero.
Nunca use o telemóvel enquanto estiver ligado à corrente.

Envie esta mensagem às pessoas de quem gosta.

Pedro_Cruz disse...

esta-se a concretizar? para uma profecia ser verdadeira(se e que se pode chamar assim) existe uma regra simples: a data tem que estar correcta. Voce não sei, mas eu não estou no final do milénio, antes pelo contrário.

quanto a do telemovel. estou farto de boatos.

Anónimo disse...

Lunar eclipses are special Full Moons. The Earth, with all her inhabitants, is poised precisely between the yang radiation of the Sun on one side and the yin magnetic forces of the Moon on the other. As the Moon slivers into the shadow of the Earth, darkens, and re-ignites, we seem to experience a lunar cycle in just a few hours. Once more, there is a blockage of light; once more, habitual perceptions and pathways are altered.

With the Sun at 24° Libra and the Moon at 24° Aries, the Scales of Justice are sharply illuminated. In partnerships of all kinds - personal, professional, political - we become more aware of the need to compromise and collaborate. We recognize that we can accomplish more together than individually. Eventually, we see that opposites are part of a continuum, eternally coupled and defining each other by contrast. Yin needs Yang; Light relies on Dark to provide the playground for Consciousness to enjoy the game of duality.

Jupiter at 28° Libra is close to his yearly conjunction with the Sun (exact on October 22), expanding our faith in ourselves, others, and life in general. Jupiter encourages optimism, generosity, and tolerance and reminds us that there are as many ways of looking at life as there are people. Jupiter is also approaching the end of his passage through Libra (on October 25, 2005), where he's been expanding possibilities and perspectives in partnerships since September 24, 2004. Jupiter has an orbit of approximately 12 years; his last sojourn through Libra (October 10, 1992 to November 10, 1993) offered similar opportunities to build broader bridges of understanding between couples, companies, and countries.

As Jupiter moves into Scorpio, his light of higher understanding shines into the deeper realms of partnership: sexuality, shared resources, and the transformation that occurs when we become intimate with another on any level. His passage through the sign ruled by the Lord of the Underworld will bring a mutual reception with Pluto in Sagittarius, catalyzing an even greater awareness of the power of belief, the power of the shadow, and the power of truth.

Chiron at 28° Capricorn squares Jupiter and the lunar eclipse, offering an opportunity to resolve old grievances and create more equitable exchanges. Like the solar eclipse two weeks earlier, this lunar eclipse traces back 19 years to the one occurring on October 17, 1986 at 24° 07' Aries-Libra. Associations begun then are ready to be completed or go to the next level. Notice the houses and any planets activated in your natal chart by this eclipse; those areas denote where you are seeking to cultivate a new balance between assertion and compromise.

Neptune, who helps us to see our similarities, turns direct on October 26 at 15° Aquarius. For everyone, his station signals an eagerness to move forward; however, people born between 1946 and 1952, who have Pluto in the mid degrees of Leo in their natal charts, are feeling most strongly the celestial push to shift their identity from ego to essence. Pluto was in Leo from 1939 to 1956; as Neptune makes his passage through Aquarius from 1998 to 2012, the generation born during World War II and soon thereafter will become more aware of their unique role and their interconnection with all of creation.

The Sabian symbols for this eclipse point suggest that important insights can occur if we hold "beginner's mind." For 25° Libra: "The sight of an autumn leaf brings to a pilgrim the sudden revelation of the mystery of life and death; the ability to discover in every experience a transcendent or cosmic meaning." And for 25° Aries: "The possibility for man to gain experience at two levels of being; the revelation of new potentialities." Use the light of this extra powerful Full Moon to reflect on what is no longer true, what was never true, and what is important now. Consider: "There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true." (Soren Kierkegaard)

Anónimo disse...

A solar eclipse involves a temporary blockage of the Sun's light, diverting the customary flow of our awareness. Even during an annular eclipse (such as this one), when a narrow ring of sunlight is still visible, perceptions of time and space are altered. Birds hush, flowers close, bees become disoriented. Whether or not we actually see the eclipse, we feel the increased gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon. A beam of lunar information penetrates into the Earth and into our psyche. A solar eclipse opens an evolutionary doorway; it also offers an opportunity to hit the reset button - to remember and realign with the original intentions encoded in our birth chart.

Eclipses in Libra focus our attention on partnership and the ongoing balancing act between independence and cooperation. Exactly 19 years ago, on October 3, 1986, there was a solar eclipse at the same degree; relationships and collaborations that were important then are now ready to be completed or taken to the next level. Each of us has the sign of Libra somewhere in our birth chart; those with planets or angles around 10° Libra will feel the transformative impulse of this eclipse most strongly. For everyone, the house activated by this eclipse denotes the area of life where we will grow more rapidly through interaction with others than through solo endeavors.

Venus, the traditional ruler of Libra, occupies a very influential position during this eclipse. In Scorpio and closely semi-square the Sun and Moon, Venus draws us into experiencing our deepest desires and fears. Venus also opposes her mythic counterpart, Mars. The God of War dancing with the Goddess of Love and Beauty sparks love, libido, and passions of all kinds; the more sides of ourselves that we've repressed, the greater the infatuations and revelations will be. In the intimacy of relationship, we become more conscious of our shadow and thus more conscious of our light.

Mars's ardor has been intensified by his station retrograde at 23° Taurus on October 1, just two days before the eclipse; this signals the beginning of a two-month re-evaluation of our desires and the strategies we've been using to achieve them. Because of his retrograde phase, the Red Planet will be spending six-and-a-half months in Taurus rather than the usual 6-8 weeks. So, that period (from July 27, 2005 to February 17, 2006) is an excellent time to work on our relationship with money, security, and abundance. For wonderful metaphysical insights and tools, check out Stuart Wilde's The Little Money Bible or Deepak Chopra's Creating Affluence.

The need to reconsider our objectives and expand our perspective is amplified by Mars's quincunx to Pluto at 22° Sagittarius and another to Jupiter at 25° Libra (and to Mercury at 22° Libra as well). This forms a yod, a challenging configuration that calls for the elimination of unproductive attitudes and methods. Venus at 25° Scorpio occupies the resolution point of the yod, symbolizing the need to shift from the love of power to the power of love. The modification of goals and strategies continues through the latter part of 2005, as Mars's slower retrograde motion links up with Saturn in Leo, Neptune in Aquarius, and Jupiter in Scorpio - forming a wide grand cross and forcing the resolution of longstanding issues. What we want and how we pursue it may be very different by February 2006.

Retrograde Chiron at 28° Capricorn trines Mars and then moves forward the day after the solar eclipse, ending a five-month re-evaluation of our standards for success and accountability. The Sabian symbol for 11° Libra, "A professor peering over his glasses at his students," counsels us to stop operating by rote and to carefully consider our future. Use the power of this eclipse to clarify your priorities and remember: "Some pursue happiness; others create it." (Unknown)

silvio disse...

Pedro CRUZ,
não sei se estamos no final do milénio ou não..
Já ouvis-te falar na margem de erro de 4 a 8 anos que o nosso calendário Gregoriano tem? Não contaram com o ano 0, nem contaram bem após o nascimento de cristo. Agora não tenho esses dados, mas há um texto sobre isso, bem detalhado.

Mas agora vamos ver, o milénio (poderia ser o ano 2000, quando passou 1 milénio após o ano mil), e assim sendo foi há 5 anos, relativamente perto, 5 anos é uma fracção de segundo num milénio, digamos..
PESTES? tivémos muitas e agora fala-se na pandemia viral h5n1 (gripe das aves)..
e é isso...

Anónimo disse...

Se quizerem saber mais do q vai acontecer é facil so teem q ler a biblia(Apocalipse)é o ultimo livro da biblia.Jesus Te Ama.