terça-feira, julho 12, 2005

Pela privacidade dos nossos emails e ficheiros

O Reino Unido quer espiolhar os emails dos europeus?
Ok, e que tal usarmos emails seguros e encriptados??
Aqui ficam algumas sugestões, enviem-me as vossas:

A-lock 7.21
Faça encriptação dos seus e-mails de forma simples e rápida. O programa permite clicando num ícone encriptar os seus documentos para manter a segurança e privacidade. Envie senhas para que somente os destinatários possam abrir para garantir a sua segurança.

Cryptainer LE free encryption 5.0.3
Faça encriptação de arquivos ou mesmo do disco todo. O programa permite encriptar de forma fácil informações confidenciais. Arraste os arquivos na parte de encriptação e pronto. Envie também e-mails seguros para quem você quiser. http://www.cypherix.co.uk/cryptainerle/index.htm

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Anónimo disse...

A Warning To The World

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison Planet | July 12 2005

The London bombings are a clear indication that the Globalists have not changed tactics and are getting ever more desperate to advance an agenda based on a simple time tested manipulation of fear.

It is now time for all governments who still operate outside of the control of the Globalists to come forward and join humanity in unveiling the real terrorists who are attempting to deform the world into a prison planet.

The message is clear, if you do not surrender all national sovereignty and control to the new world order, you will be targeted for elimination. They are coming for you. Sitting back and hoping it never comes to fruition is merely delaying the inevitable. The only hope your country and its future generations have will be protected by you standing up in unified opposition to the Globalists and helping to expose their state terror paradigm.

It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

This is a beacon call to all government officials in every sector of the command structure. You will be the first ones to be fed into the meat grinder when the bell tolls. They have no compassion, no loyalty towards you. You are safer out here in the light with the rest of us than skulking around in the dark continually seeking justification for your ignorance and obliviousness.

Look at our whistleblowers page and read about the brave individuals who have already stepped forward.

Throughout history governments have used terrorism against their own people and created paper tiger enemies as a means of obtaining and retaining the trust of the masses in the process of gradually enslaving them.

The Anglo-American establishment that controls the military-industrial complex of the West has been caught over a hundred times carrying out bombings and other terrorist attacks around the world to further their corporate aims and to blame their enemies.

The US government has been caught planning to carry out attacks and carrying out attacks. The British government has been caught red-handed as well. Members of Vladimir Putin's FSB were caught planting bombs in a Russian apartment building in 1999 by the Moscow police.

This is not speculation. Kermit Roosevelt admited on NPR radio that in 1953 the CIA and British intelligence carried out a wave of bombings and shootings in Iran. He then went on to brag about how they subsequently blamed the bombings on Iran's President, Mossadegh. Do you understand, these people brag about what they do 40 years later.

In any crime you look at history and motive, The British government has been caught in multiple examples of carrying out bombings in London which were then blamed on the IRA. They even had one of their own MI5 agents wihin the Omagh bomb squad. Click here for an archive of this evidence.

In what was called 'the strategy of tension,' Operation Gladio, a CIA/MI6 controlled state terror program swept Europe over three decades.

In sworn testimomy, a Gladio agent, Vincenzo Vinciguerra, made the following comment.

"You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force ... the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security."

And we ask the question, isn't it convenient for the kingpins of the war on terror that none of the terror attacks ever harm the establishment they are supposedly aimed at?

Pentagon document Field Manual FM 30-31B openly discusses launching terrorist attacks in nations that "do not react with sufficient effectiveness" to the geopolitical demands of the Globalists.

How many of the family members of the London subway bombing victims are aware of the fact that in a 2000 investigation the Italian Senate concluded that the 1980 Bologna train bombing that killed 85 people was carried out by "men inside Italian state institutions and ... men linked to the structures of United States intelligence."?

Gladio was continued by way of Central American death squads and that policy is being ressurected today in Iraq.

The right wing extremist groups are still controlled by the state to this day. A 2003 court case embarassed the German government when it was discovered that one in seven Neo Nazis was a secret service agent, and in many cases had been for decades. The Neo-Nazis are controlled by the government and used as a means to restrict any form of alternative political speech.

There is no limit to which the Globalists will go in trying to tick off their objectives within their set time frame.

We are calling on all whistleblowers to reveal themselves now and stand with us in the corner of truth and the future of this species. These bastards are indiscriminate killers and witholding information only paints a bigger target on your forehead. Your words need to be heard.

We are at a threshold of awareness and enlightenment. Shortly after 9/11, to say the government was involved was made tantamount to insulting the dead victims. Now four years later in the wake of the London bombings a sizeable portion of the thinking world is saying the same thing, the only people to gain from this and the ones who have been caught doing it before are the government. The evidence already points to them too.

For those who still try to justify this and be reasonable about it by convincing themselves that "they would never do that," don't make the mistake of filtering the actions of your government through your own moral code.

Smarmy neo-liberals and neo-cons have been revelling in the aftermath of the bombings, claiming that the public need to understand the tyranny of dispersed terrorist groups and their true power. They criticize those that dare question the leaders that we supposedly chose to elect in the paranoid fallout of the attacks. Look at the truth of history. How many times have loose-knit organizations constructed tyranny in comparison to state governments?

This is a warning to the world. There is no more time for procrastination, choose your side. On an individual level anyone who isn't doing their part to expose these killers is just as responsible for the killing.

On a governmental level the challenge is here before you. Either scream from the rooftops about government orchestrated terrorism or sit back and watch your country become a victim of it as it is wrestled away from your hands and placed in the domain of a black and cancerous global dictatorship.

silvio disse...

Obrigado :-)
Sim estamos num planeta prisão ( prision planet), e também num "big brother" planet..
Estes governantes=bestas apocalípticas querem controlar tudo, até o nosso pensamento.
Infelizmente a maioria de pessoas que encontrei em foruns , grupos e outros locais online ainda não acreditam no envolvimento desses governos e atentados bombistas..
ainda acreditam que vivemos no "País das maravilhas".


Miguel Mateus disse...

..Apoiado , sr Silvio ..!

Bilder disse...

That´s what people like Sílvio,me and few others do in Portugal,warning about the true conspirators,but most people don´t even leasten because of all propaganda and mind control.Just look at the jornalists!They think they know,but they don´t know.David Icke was a jornalist and he say´s they don´t know the diference between their arses from their elbows.So in Portugal as in other western coutries people is fooled,and more,they are just after money and material things,not paying atention for problems.Many people try to change people´s minds for better,but just look what they did to Wilhelm Reich!For example.But let´s do our best anyway,and fight for a better world.

silvio disse...

Olá Bilder, acho que talvez esse "anonymous" não seja inglês, mas colocou foi um texto inglês ( copy + paste ) :-)
Um abraço

Bilder disse...

Okay,pensei que fosse um dos participantes do ickedownload forum,pois colocaste o teu endereço,ou links,lá.

Pavlo disse...

tbm acho, se ele leu o texto do blog é pk sabe portugues, etnao pk n escreve em portugues, e cm sabe ele tanta coisa?? intrigante. mas n posso deixar de concordar kom a parte k + vela morrer de pé do k viver de joelhos. n desvalorizando u trabalho k vcs fazem, mas tem k haver uma politica + agressiva (no bom sentido claro, n me refiro a atentados nem nd do genroe, apenas a tentar kom mais garra) para k n restam duvidas! temos k nos erger. unir. e lutar pelos nossos direitos

silvio disse...

foi um texto retirado de um site qualquer :-)

política agressiva, como?
os políticos colocam-se um patamar acima de nos, e nós temos que nos reger segundo as regras deles, isso é uma espécie de "escravatura" mais pacífica do que antigamente se fazia, mas temos que pagar impostos por tudo e por nada , cada vez temos menos poder-de-compra. é lixado..